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As time went by, the sovereignty changed and in the wake of democratic set-up in Kerala from 1947 onwards, like in the case of many temples, Murukkuveli Temple also lost most of its properties and there was drastic cut in the temple's revenue thereby the status and glory of the temple gradually descended.

There were times even the daily rituals to the Deity according to the traditional binding, could not be performed due to lack of revenue. The temple structures worn out due to lack of timely renovation. A couple of structures were demolished. The custodians of the temple were changed from royalty to a group of families, communal society and finally to the State Machinery of Travancore Devaswom Board. Yet, there was no improvement in the deteriorated condition of the Temple. It had already outlived more than four centuries. The families having hereditary rights and linked with the Temple in particular and the natives of Purakkad in general had to undergo many hardships like epidemics, famine, floods, fatal accidents etc., which is believed to be due to the annoyance of the Temple Deity.

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