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Having inspired, first step the youth took was to form a committee to straighten up the traditional functioning of the temple. With the pulsating vigor of the youth, they gathered volunteer donations from the natives and conducted annual customary festivals of the temple. Next, they steered to entire renovation of the temple.

As a basic attempt to rectify the damages caused so far by negligence in performing the temple rituals, it was decided to conduct an Ashtamangala Devaprasnam. For this purpose a Temple Renovation Committee has been constituted with the following devotees:




  Gopinatha Pai   : Chairman


  K. Karthikeyan   : Vice Chairman


  Hari Kumar Thamath   : Convenor


  R. Radhakrishnan   : Jt. Convenor


  Gopalachandra Prabhu   : Patron


  Ram Mohan   : Patron


  Ramankutty Nair   : Patron


  Sukumaran   : Patron


  Ampili   : Patron



Gopakumar Abhilash Nandakumar
Bhadran Shobhanan Asokan
Gopi Amminikuttan Purushan
Manoj Rankan Sugunan
Dineshan Mohanan Geethakrishnan
Pankajakshan Ponnappan Krishnabhaktan
Thankakuttan Madhu Karunakaran
Rao Surendran. M Sreekanth
Prasanth Surendran. V Radharamanan
Vinod Vijayan Gopalakrishna Panicker
Kunjumon Prakasan Ramachandran
Kuttan Pillai Pushkaran Sanalkumar
G. Naykan Suresh Babu  


To accomplish the whole renovation program is not a Herculean effort but it requires enormous funds. A very devoted group of Purakkad's younger generation, refraining from the destructive elements of cast, color or creed, united to strive for its successful achievement. The renovation of this temple will not only revive the spiritual strength in every devotee but also bring visible change to their problems whatsoever soon after participating in this divine cause. It can be realized in very near future with the Devi's boundless blessings, all the participants lead peaceful and prosperous life and their legitimate wishes and goals fulfilled. This fact has been emphasized in the Devaprasnam that the Abheeshta Varadayinee Devi's Chaithanyam is abundant and like an affectionate Mom, in a very pleased state to bless, all those seek Her shelter.

The devotees and believers can sponsor the expense of any of the Parihara Kriya, Ashtabandha kalasa kriaya and the daily Bhagavatha Sapthaha Yajnam. Those who donate for this purpose shall furnish their Name, Nakshathra, Address and if the Nakshatra is not known their date of birth for inclusion of their Names in the respective poojas and archanas to establish their participation and future well being and blessings from Murukkuvelil Sree Bhadra Devi.

Vazhipadu Prasadam to all sponsors and donors will be sent in separate pouches.

All donations be sent to the following address:

Mr. V. C. Ram Mohan
Murukkuveli Sree Bhagavati Temple Advisory Forum
Purakkad. P O, Ambalapuzha, Alappuzha
Kerala - 690 551

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