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Where the materialist or atheist pessimistically surrender to the idiom "What can not be cured - must be endured", the devotee holds firm on his faith, strive and strive and at last, the miracles do appear. Millions and Millions are alive to vouch for such stages in life otherwise the word miracle itself should not have borne.

Devotees to note that if any of the vazhipadu is ordered for achieving any specific aim, or purpose, it should be performed continuously at least for seven days at the first instant. The success lies in the firmness of belief and the status of their personal star and its horoscopic position.




Effective for

Pushpanjali   Amelioration of Disease, Better Health
Thali Samarpanam   Suitable alliance for the unmarried who have
Swayamvara/Kumkuma Archana   horoscopic constraints like Chovva Dosham
Sahasra Namarchana   Prosperity and well being
Ganapathy Homam   Castaway burden, obstacles and hindrance
in any new endavours, growth of prosperity
Bhagavathy Seva   To overcome problematic situations
Ill-fortune and obstacles in business and life
Enmity and its ill-effects
Nei-Vilakku   Promote curing of eye disease, fulfil wishes
Ellenna Vilakku/Neeranjanam   Cure rheumatic problems, ill-effects of Saturn
Chandanam Charthu   Curative for Skin and connected ailments,
Fulfil wishes
Dhara   Cure general ailments, Mental Problems
Nirapara   Prosperity growth, peaceful well being
Anna-danam   Overcome poverty, mental disturbances
Niramala   Visions, speculations become succesful
Chuttuvilakku   Encumbrance free, happy and peaceful life


Vazhipatu Prasadam will be mailed at the given address of the devotees.


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