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The Devaprasnam commenced on the 7 May 2001 and finalized on eighth. The Eminent Astrologer. Sri. Cheppad K.G. Kaimal presided over the session with the following in attendant:

Astrologer. Dr. Mannar N.P. Krishna Pillai
Astrologer. Sri. Muthuswamy Pillai
Astrologer. Sri. Balakrishna Panicker

Many facts revealed in the two days session of Devaprasnam. Although the negligence and misdeeds to the Deity already crossed the limit, Murkkuveli Sree Bhagavati still maintain the grace and power to bless all the devotees who take refuge in her, especially the Students category, as part of the Goddess of Knowledge is also inborn in the Deity. Events since the inception of the Temple were revealed and interpreted correctly in the course of the Devaprasnam. The aged senior citizens attended the session vouched all the revelation as true and correct to the best of their knowledge. Excerpts from the revelation are:-


  1. The deity is related to Kodungallore Amma and the temple was built with the assistance of the ruler of the land. The temple was in its peak of fame and prosperity during the sovereignty.
  2. The Tantry who is responsible to maintain the spiritual part of the temple, vigilant of its sanctity and to purify the ill effects caused by negligence, defects in daily rituals etc., discontinued his contact with the temple.
  3. The Holly Sword in the temple was lost and the present one in the temple was brought later.
  4. The idols of Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesh brought in by the Poojari/worshipper.
  5. The temple has customary relations with Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple, Sree Venugopala Temple, and Punthala Devi Temple
  6. The temple manners and etiquette were not complied with. At times, Poojas and other traditional routines were carried out erroneously and/or for namesake.
  7. Poojas were carried out at intoxicated state. The sanctity of the temple as a whole has not been maintained.
  8. There were incidents to break-in to the temple at times due to misplacing the front door keys.
  9. Fire accident and theft took place in the temple.
  10. Accidental death to several of those directly related to the temple administration and on the highway in front of the Temple. Thus, the sanctity of the temple has been spoiled.
  11. The seat of the idol is damaged and needs renovation.
  12. Annoyance of the sub-deity Serpents on the northeast point of the temple revealed. The fatal death of a woman due to snakebite who spoiled the sanctity of this area also disclosed.


On further inquiries about the curative measures to repent the past errors and spoiled sanctity, it was revealed to conduct 'pariharakriyakal'

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